Power Supply - PV Module Simulator - 143-286 VDC 0,7A

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Product Description

Power Supply - PV Module Simulator - 143-286 VDC 0,7A


A constant-current, programmable power supply for photovoltaic installations. It allows, among others, configuration and start-up of inverters after dark or in case of insufficient current and voltage parameters from PV modules. Thanks to its use in autumn and spring, when days are short, the installer does not have to worry that he will not manage to put the installation into operation before sunset.



Universal range of output voltage values: 143 - 286 Vdc

Adjustable current range at full power: 0.7 - 1.05 A

93.5% efficiency

Protections: short-circuit, overvoltage, thermal protection

IP67 rating: suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

Suitable for use in dry/humid/wet locations

5 year warranty

Product Features

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