PANASONIC T-CAP 9kW 3F heat pump WH-UX09HE8 WH-SXC09H3E8

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Product Description

PANASONIC T-CAP 9kW 3F heat pump WH-UX09HE8 WH-SXC09H3E8 





The set consists of:


  • Interior unit WH-SXC09H3E8 with 3kW heaters
  • An outdoor unit WH-UX09HE8 with a 9kW unit


  • T-CAP heat pumps are suitable for installation in new and retrofit buildings where high power output is required.
  • Full heating capacity even at low temperatures,
  • T-CAP series units can completely replace old gas or oil boilers, and in new installations with underfloor heating - low-temperature radiators or even fan coil units. All Aquarea pumps can also be connected to a solar heating or photovoltaic system, increasing the efficiency of the system and reducing the environmental impact,


  • Efficiency higher than other heating systems,
  • Panasonic's heat pumps have a maximum COP of 4.85 at,
  • + 7°C, making them significantly more efficient than other heating systems,
  • Greater energy savings,
  • T-CAP pumps are characterized by very high efficiency regardless of outdoor temperature and water temperature,


Key features of the series


  • Ability to maintain the output (kW1) of the pump at outdoor temperatures falling to -20°C without the need for electric heater support,
  • High heating capacity even at low ambient temperatures,
  • Additional features: automatic mode, holiday mode, booster, drying concrete and energy consumption display,
  • Selectable power of backup heater depending on model (3/6/9 kW),
  • Programmable activation of cooling mode 2,
  • 1) Flow at 35°C. 2) Activation can only be performed by an authorized service center or installation company,
  • Panasonic heat pump eliminates the need to oversize the system to achieve the required performance at low temperatures,
  • Dedicated Panasonic software and inverter technology for energy-efficient homes to heat hot water up to 35°C,
  • This need occurs during periods of higher outdoor temperatures when heating demand is low,
  • All Aquarea pumps are equipped with a 10-liter internal expansion tank,
  • The Aquarea heat pump is equipped with an inverter compressor responsible for regulating output according to demand,
  • Dual system (outdoor unit with two fans),
  • The heat pump has a built-in electric heater with a capacity of 3/6/9 kW, (depending on the model),
  • Panasonic heat pumps can operate at temperatures outdoor temperatures as low as -28°C, and at temperatures as low as -20°C 1 they guarantee tomaintain nominal capacity without backup reheating.





Product Features

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