LG HU091MR.U44 9 kW (HN091MR.NK5) heat pump outdoor unit

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Product Description

LG HU091MR.U44 9 kW (HN091MR.NK5) heat pump outdoor unit


The THERMA V by LG is an air-to-water heat pump specifically designed for new and retrofit homes with LG's advanced heating technology and energy savings in mind. The THERMA V pump can be used as a heating solution in combination with an underfloor or radiator system, a domestic hot water heating system or a system containing several heat sources.


The LG THERMA V heat pump has been designed using advanced technology to provide the customer with reasonable benefits such as energy efficiency, convenience, or simplicity of control and operation.

Inverter technology and optimised components such as the water pump, heat exchanger and fan motor ensure excellent energy efficiency. In addition, refrigerant pressure control technology ensures stable heating performance at low temperatures and makes it easy to achieve target operating parameters.

In addition, the compact design, the anti-corrosion coating of the exchanger and the user-oriented features confirm the high quality and reliability, as well as the user satisfaction of the full line of LG products with heating capacities from 5kW to 16kW.






Product Features

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