LG HN1636M.NK5 R410A hydraulic module

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Product Description

LG HN1636M.NK5 R410A hydraulic module 



HN1636MNK5 LG Therma V Split heat pump HN1636M.NK5 R410A 3F AIR-WATER UNIT. In the LG Therma V Split heat pump system, the indoor and outdoor units are separated. The two components are connected by a refrigerant. Water-side components such as the plate heat exchanger, expansion vessel or water pump are located in the indoor unit. In addition, all water pipes associated with the heating are located inside the building so that the risk of water freezing is minimised in relation to external conditions. The Therma V Split R410A series is LG's generation of heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) production. This type of pump is characterised by high heating performance even at low temperatures, a wide operating range and reduced noise levels.



Key parameters:


  • High energy efficiency,
  • Maximum water temperature of 57°C,
  • Intuitive interface,
  • LG ThinQTM,
  • Corrosion resistant heat exchanger (Gold Fin),
  • KEYMARK / Eurovent / MCS certification.

Product Features